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The review “Jeunes Années (Youths)" distributed  in my class of last year of school , suggests as TP an exit in forest for the realization of a solar system on the scale to hang to the trees. The Sun will be built in a large paper ball from approximately 1 m diameter, the Earth will be represented by a marble of playground, and will be laid out with more than 100 m * of the “Sun”!!!. It is the shock, the revelation. (*Saturne with more than 1 km, one will stop there! (Pluto ~ 4,5 km)


Not being a pupil of most studious but somewhat “dissipated”, at this beginning of 1st year of study to the college the hours where I am in detention rain me above. Thus during several Saturdays morning the “chief monitor” invites to me to learn my lessons and to make my duties, with the possibility of access to the library of the college… And there, not of consultation of the “Bescherelle " to revise the .conjugation, not book of history for the chronology of the emperors of antiquity, nor of English handbook for the exercises “John is in bedroom”… BUT, “a beautiful” book draws me the eye: “Astronomy for girls and boys” 2nd emotion! , with me the stars, nebulas and another galaxies… These hours of punishment are transformed into true fantastically vertiginous explorations…



Year XXXX Longer in possession of equipment - Year XXXX Currently in possession of the equipment.





1st instrument : Refractor 60/700

Newtonian reflector115/900

Schmidt-Cassegrain reflector 80/800

azimuth mounting

no the engine

"House"motorization" (very little practises)

Perl JPMi

SBS(made in japan)






Newtonian reflector 114/900

Maksutov-Cassegrain reflector 90/1250

Various small equipment

Motorization "adapted house" (not very conclusive, lack of precision)

2 axes motorization, what a comfort ! (less luminous than " large " Newton, but infinitely more practical)*

Terrestrial compact 40/300, twin prisme12x50, long Soviet sight 50/500 (very luminous), mini binoculars right-hand side 10x25, twin zoom 8-21x50



Small portable equipment

Schmidt Cassegrain reflector 200/2000
Refractor 60/415
Apochromatic refractor 66/400
6 mm eyepiece field 72°
Carbon tube + Vixen mount
Eye relief 20mm
Meade LX 90 8"
Perl Halley 'collector' 1980's - 1990's
66/400 Apo Astro Professional
Televue Delos 6mm
Apo66/400+Pied Vixen

Refractor 70/400

Perl Halley 'collector' 1980's - 1990's    



* Saying astronomer amateur: The best instrument is that of which one is useful oneself.


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